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Katie Newell

Head of Content and PR
eTeach (Confirmed)

Katie Newell BA(Hons) PGCE is an ex-primary school teacher and Head of Maths. Katie specialised in Primary Languages for her PGCE at University of Reading. Before teaching, Katie was a financial commentator and public speaker and is now the Content Manager for Eteach.com and Fejobs.com, leading innovation and research among our 1.8 million candidates and 7,500 member schools and colleges.  Katie feels passionately that teachers are the unsung heroes of society; that opening minds to creative timetabling could revolutionise the workforce of women in teaching, and that making the application process much easier for job-seeking teachers will keep far more of them in the best job in the world!

Agenda sessions

DAY 1 - April 3, 2019


    • 11:20 am
      Crisis, what crisis: Teacher Recruitment & Retention Panel Debate