He’s Not Naughty: A Children’s Guide to Autism

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Who needs to know about autism? Everybody.  That’s why Deborah Brownson wrote this accessible guide for children.  When Deborah’s sons were diagnosed, the language used to explain their autism was so negative. A ‘triad of impairment’, and ‘life-long disability’. Using this language suggested that there was something broken about her sons.

When Deborah’s sons started at primary school things got worse. Her son, full of energy and enthusiasm, was labelled as ‘naughty’ and reprimanded for ‘refusing to follow instructions’.  Deborah’s family’s story isn’t unique. Many families are struggling to get through each day, feel isolated, misunderstood and unsupported.

Understanding is one thing which can make a huge difference to autistic people and their families’ lives. That’s why Deborah wrote He’s Not Naughty. Based on the experiences of her sons, He’s Not Naughty explains autism simply and in positive terms, providing insight into the world of someone living with autism.

Taryn and Jake are best friends, and they have lots similarities and differences. One difference is Jake has autism. Fed up with everyone misunderstanding her friends, Taryn decides to let the world know why Jake isn’t naughty.  Alongside bright and energetic illustrations from Ben mason, Taryn explains Jake’s difficulties with how he processes his senses, challenges he faces with expressing his feelings and communicating, and the importance of routine.

The book is ideal to help children understand and empathise with an autistic child in their class. And it’s also a great primer for adults, including teachers, health professionals, friends and family.

“Especially helpful to support the understanding and empathy of siblings, family and friends.”

–Dr Nicola Kennelly, Child Psychologist

“A must-read if you want to effectively engage with and teach children on the autism spectrum. It gives a real insight into the world of autism, from a child’s perspective.”

–Angela Jordan, Teacher and Autism Parent

He’s Not Naughty: A Children’s’ Guide To Autism by Deborah Brownson, illustrated by Ben Mason is published by JKP and available to purchase here. Deborah Brownson was awarded an MBE in 2018 for her outstanding contribution to autism awareness.