Deals for Schools

For schools who are looking at how to bring their non-staffing costs down, the best place to start is Buying for Schools on GOV.UK. The pages include guidance and recommended deals that can help schools to make substantial savings. DfE currently has 38 deals covering goods and services such as photocopying and printing, IT equipment, professional services and school furniture deals.

DfEs Schools Commercial Team will be available in the Government Education Village to advise on all deals including the recently launched Schools Switch, a free online price comparison and switching tool to help you compare gas and electricity prices and switch energy supplier to save money.  You do not have to be an expert in energy tariffs to use School Switch and the simple price comparison tool removes the need for an energy broker and their associated fees.

Several other energy deals are available as part of our Deals for Schools initiatives, recommended for their ease of access, suitability and value for money for schools.

DfE also recently announced the launch of an online tool as the latest development of the Agency Supply Teacher Deal launched in August 2018. The deal supports schools to reduce costs when recruiting supply teachers and other agency workers. The tool provides easy access to supply teacher agencies in your area and shows agencies’ mark-up in a wholly transparent way.

The tool has been available offline since August 2018 and has already helped schools to make savings. In just the first three months, a school in St Helens with 1,550 pupils, reduced agency costs by £2,500.

Talk to DfE staff about how you can get the cover you need for your academy, pupils and staff, and save money by joining the risk protection arrangement, provided by industry professionals on behalf of the Department for Education. Over 65% of academies have already joined.

You can find out more about our wide range of deals and support at in the Government Education Village, and our panel discussion on Day 2 of the Show.