What does Consent Really mean?

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“Consent is not the absence of ‘NO’, it is an enthusiastic YES!!”

The serious issue of sexual consent is discussed in a graphic novel format that depicts the conversation of teenagers aged 13-18 and their personal feelings on the subject. Written by Pete and Thalia Wallis, who are actively involved in charities and workshops addressing young people affected by crime, this vibrant comic book is accompanied by sexual health resources for students and teachers including PSHE practitioners and international equivalents.

Following the sexual assault of a classmate a group of teenage girls find themselves discussing the term consent, what it actually means for them in their current relationships, and how they act and make decisions with peer influence. Joined by their male friends who offer another perspective, this rich graphic novel uncovers the need for more informed conversations with young people around consent and healthy relationships. While seemingly straightforward, Tia and Bryony hadn’t considered this subject too seriously until it comes up in conversation with their friends and they realise just how important it is.

The final and engaging section gets the reader thinking via sexual health resources, which make this a perfect tool for broaching the subject with teens. Indeed, this book is an excellent resource for parents, teachers, youth workers and any adults more generally to start a conversation with a young person on the topics of consent and healthy relationships.

Our reviewers say:

‘Every school library and child’s bookshelf should have a copy of this book. It is clear, accessible and extremely relevant. It addresses the myriad of issues that ought to be part of contemporary sex education: consent, sexting, sexual exploitation and toxic masculinity. It is both a useful starting point to these discussions, and a helpful referral tool.’
– Kate Parker, Director of the Schools Consent Project

‘The comic is honest and straightforward, and it even includes statistics and resources in the back. I recommend it to anyone who is curious or uncomfortable having real discussions with others.’

What does Consent Really mean? Written by Pete Wallis, Thalia Wallis, illustrated by Joseph Wilkins, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. It is available to purchase at: https://bit.ly/2TA3GNI